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Our premium bottled cocktails are ready to serve in seconds.
Rum Old Fashioned
29.5% vol
Espresso Martini
23% vol
Long Island Iced Tea
27.5% vol

Founded by lifelong friends

Best friends from the age of five, Johnathan and Michael set up The Rested Cocktail Co. together in 2014, with a desire to share great cocktails that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Three Rum
Old Fashioned

29.5% vol

This premium bottled cocktail is made with light, dark and aged Caribbean rums; balanced perfectly with aromatic cocktail bitters.
Simply stir with ice and enjoy.

Espresso Martini

23% vol

A premium cocktail made with vodka, cold brew coffee, coffee liqueur and Brazilian coffee bean extract

Long Island Iced Tea

27.5% vol

Made with premium vodka, rum, gin, orange liqueur & a hint of lemon

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